Dipl.-Dolm. M. A. Awan

Diplom-Dolmetscher, DPSI (UK) MCIOL (UK), BDU (English-German-EU-Law), LIT (Middlesex-University), Legal Studies (OU-Law-School), Psychology (Oxford)

Fischerstraße 11
67655 Kaiserslautern

Telefon: 0631 / 36239-0
Telefax: 0631 / 36239-10

E-Mail: info(at)jckling.de

  • German Immigration
  • German Ministry of Interior
  • Department of Prosecution & Criminal Justice System
  • German Ministry of Justice
  • British Home Office/UK-Immigration Tribunal Service
  • Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) UK
  • British Family Courts
  • UK Crown Courts, High Courts & Courts of Appeals

Mr. Awan has extensive experience in the area of complex immigration and family matters. In addition, he is well regarded by the department of prosecution because of his genuine interest and in depth knowledge of the German Criminal Justice.

Mr. Awan has also gained practical experience during high Profile court trials at the UK-Immigration Tribunals, Family Courts as well as Old Bailey (Central Criminal Court CCC) and at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, United Kingdom.

Mr. Awan is the founder of Business Immigration Germany (BIG). He is Global head and in charge of the BIG-International operations.

Dr. J. C. Kling (Dr. JC Kling) and Mr. M. A. Awan (AAA Law Chambers Ltd.) are the Principal Project Partners (PPP), determined to run the BIG-Project jointly with clear GOALS. Dr. Kling is Head of the German Operations in Germany.

The GOALS are to help and support German economy in bringing foreign investment from all over the world, especially from emerging economies such as Indian Sub-Continent, Gulf States ant the whole Middle East region. We are focused to ensure that the Investors are investing in the right and desired projects resulting in boosting German economy as well as generating substantial profit and enduring success for the investors.

We have a strong track record and experience of launching foreign investment projects from China and other countries into Germany and we are genuinely proud of our performance.

Our past performance is the basis of our expansion and extension of our BIG-Project.

  1. documents required as follows:

a) Identification (Passport-ID) etc.

b) CV of each and every candidate

c) Business Idea/Plan

d) Proof of Funds

2. Business Plan drafted by our chartered accountant

a) first discussion with the local chamber of commerce & industry

b) further correspondence/modifications of Business Plan

c) discussion on a mature Business Plan

d) process of approval of Business Plan

3. Initial Visa Application Procedure starts

a) Dr. Kling will send an invitation letter to the candidate

b) visit of the candidate to Germany to form a GmbH

c) GmbH will be formed through a German notary, HR (Registration Nr.) will be granted

d) bank accounts will be opended

4. Dr. Kling will register GmbH with tax and revenue department

a) Dr. Kling will take responsibility of accounting

b) a full legal assistance package will be offered by Dr. Kling

c) a full office/correspondence service will be guaranteed by Dr. Kling

d) Relocation Support Agency will be enganged if desired by the client

5. Residence Permit and Settlement of the candidate/family

a) Dr. Kling will apply for a residence permit for the candidate/family

b) residence permit procedure will be followed till permit is granted

c) you are free to do business.

If you would like to commission us, please fill in and sign the Power of Attorney and send back to info@jckling.de.

Thank you for your trust in our company and we are looking forward to future cooperation.